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The History of Halfmoon Haven
As with all land, originally this whole territory was inhabited by the First Nations people.
We acknowledge, and give thanks for the opportunity to be on these lands.As we have been told, this particular property and bay was a gathering place to replenish and rest part way along the canoe journeys that would happen regularly along these Coastal regions. With its half moon shaped bay, it has been a safe haven in storms with the way the tides run, and the protection of Mary and Thormanby Islands, not to mention the potent lay lines that run through the center of the property for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Its lush surroundings, that are still present today, were plentiful and diverse in its biosphere, rich with various medicines, plants, animals and a range bird life. This land is and has been a place historically used to stop… rest, cleanse, heal, and regain important energy for the next part of the journey. We are grateful to assist in carrying on this intent today.

Other significant history….
Sometime in the mid 1900’s, this property was a hobby farm.
There were a number of animals, including donkeys and chickens, and it was dense with fir trees and more of the original surroundings.The Sorensen Family lived for a number of years in the cottage, which was built by its former owner in 1932, and they raised their family there, while milling 27 trees on the property and building the first two story home, situated behind the cottage. The Sorensons moved into the upstairs of that home and continued to live there, renting out the cottage to Bruno Gerussi, who was filming the Beachcombers at the time.

The property was purchased in 2000 by Chris Fletcher, who finished the 1st floor of the main home, and did initial renovations to the cottage. In 2006, Jennifer joined him, working together to do a massive expansion, adding the yurt, retaining walls, upper driveway expansion, main home renovation and new massage studio. *In 2014, the main home was lost in a devastating fire and subsequent flood.

Here and now…
Deciding to rebuild again, the main house was completely reconstructed from ground up, and literally built around the original 2nd floor fireplace, which was the original gathering place of the home and is the only remaining feature, besides its stunning views. Your hosts, Chris Fletcher and Jenn Field are so grateful to continue in the stewardship of this land, and the unique gifts that Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat and Spa offers.

A landing pad for people to replenish and refill their body, mind and soul, Chris and Jenn have carefully cultivated packages, and dynamic retreat options, and a massive range of healing services and spa options, either with them directly, or with their wide network of team members and allies. Whether people choose to come for self care, time with their partners, kids or family, or they come for work, to experience nature, or are on their own quest for the Divine, Halfmoon Haven welcomes it all.

Here is a taste of what you’ll be experiencing at Halfmoon Haven.  Please Note: This video was taken before a complete rebuild of our main house which was completed in 2016. However, it is a great walk around the property itself which remains in its original state:

Halfmoon Haven Youtube Video

We invite you to come and share in the magical experience that Halfmoon Haven has to offer. Check availability on our Reservations page.

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